Sunday, January 17, 2010

Poppy Seed Hamentashen Recipe

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Squirrel hill is getting into me.

Disclaimer: I have never made this before, have only eaten it a few times from Cecil's in Saint Paul, and am not Jewish. This is a mashup of online reipes based on what I had available and what sounded good. Mostly I just post this so i can quick find how i made it for next time.

The Filling: 1cup Poppy seeds with one cup boiling water. let cool and then grind in coffee grinder. add 1cup milk. 3/4 cup honey. splash of lemon juice. Heat till it thickens. Let cool and then add an egg.

The Pastry:
2cup self rise flour. (or regular flour plus some baking soda)
1tsp salt
1 cup sugar
Cut in 1 stick butter with a pastry cutter
Mix one egg with 1tsp vanilla extract.
Add the egg vanilla mix to the flour and work it until it is dough.
You may need a splash of milk.

Roll out and then cut with a big coffee mug. Add a big spoonfull of filling and fold up the three sides as shown below. bake at 375 for 20 min.

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