Sunday, February 7, 2010

Buffalo style hot tofu bites recipe (veggitarian buffalo wings)

tofu buffalo bites
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Cooking vegetarian does not need to mean cooking healthy.
1. drain two boxes of extra firm tofu. cut in 1/2 the long way and cut in 1/2 in a horizontal plane. cut a number of strips as shown below. Then marinate in Franks red hot.

2. mix 1/2 cup corn starch, 1/2 flour, 2 eggs and water until the texture of pancake batter. Roll bites in flour and then...

3. dip in batter.

4. fry until slightly brown. These were done in olive oil on medium. Olive oil is not ideal but is what i had. I usually use canola for this sort of thing. Then cover in buffalo sauce (2:1 franks:butter) and eat!

shipping kills it but whoa lot of hot sauce.


  1. Impressive! Make for me soon?

  2. Just curious:

    Do you need to add any salt to the batter? Or is the Frank's Red Hot salty enough?

    It sounds great. I'm going to try this recipe.

  3. i did not. I think the franks is quite saltly.


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