Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Making a copy in wax of a small sculpture

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I am about to cast a wax sculpture that took a long time to make. because of my fear that it will not turn out I duplicated the head in wax.
Here is the original

Wrapping the head in Amazing mold putty. I only did the head because this stuff is not cheap. It is a very easy way to make copies of just about anything though. It is like two tubes of silly putty like substances that you mix. After it sets i cut the back of the mold with a razor.

Here is the mold being filled with wax. I melted microcrystaline wax in a can sitting in boiling water. The back of the mold is held shut by the can.

The completed head not a perfect replica (lost an ear). but enough that i can work from if I need to.

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