Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lost Dharma Initiative Beer Cans DIY

The most important ingredient for a lost finale party. Make your own dharma initiative cans! Just printed them from this site. For the soda and lemon lime click on the images below.

We taped them on with white vinyl tape. The vinyl tape is the best for covering any existing label and going on the curved surface smoothly. DO NOT CUT TO THE GUIDE LINES ON HIS PAGE. they are for bottles not cans. just wrap the can and see where it makes sense.

Good (in the sense of white on top) beer: Budweiser
Good soda: diet 7up, diet caffeine free pepsi.
dharma initiative beer and soda cans
Here are some soda cans mixed in. The page above only had the one liter size so some photoshoping was needed.
dharma initiative beer
The images. click to make big.

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