Monday, May 17, 2010

The Hold Steady referencing other bands.

Just was listening to a track from the new album on the radio and heard them reference. Husker Du's- makes no sense. What other songs? especially from the cities.

Almost killed me.
Certain Songs-
"from the meatloafs to the Billy Joels" "only the good die young."Billy Joel- Only The Good Die Young
"D4 is for lovers" (referencing Dillinger four but no specific song)
"Ellen Foley gives 'em hope" "Paradise by the dashboard light" Meatloaf with Ellen Foley Paradise By The Dashboard Light
b1? c-9?

Separation Sunday
Charlemagne in sweetpants. "tramps like us, and we like tramps"- is this a reference to Born to run? "tramps like us. baby we were born to run." you tell me?

Boys and girls in America

Stay positive
constructive summer- "me and my friends are like double whiskey coke no ice" Dillinger Four-Doublewhiskeycokenoice

Heaven is whenever
somewhere in here is reference to Husker Du's Makes No Sense At All

The list is far from finished help me out in the comment section.

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