Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Conophytum Calculus from seed

As an alternative to my ugly cactus/succulent collection post category I have also started some conophytum calculus seeds just sprouted today. The first members of my cute cactus/succulent collection. Photo of seedlings later. For now here are the beauties at Huntington gardens in LA. I rename them funny little smiling face cactus (tho not technically cacti)

Started them in the same way as the pseudolithos in the previous post. 

My knowlage of succulents, limited though it is, comes from  The Timber Press Guide to Succulent Plants of the World: A Comprehensive Reference to More than 2000 Species and Toms blog Theatrumbotanicum


  1. Not to be a plant spaz but Pseudolithos and Conophytum aren't cacti!

  2. Hi Mike! So glad to have stumbled upon your blog. Thanks for making a post about your conophytum calculus! Whoever knew that 6 years after you posted this someone like me would be on the exact same journey as you. Anyway, just one question: how long do you think seeds gotten from ebay are good for before you planted them? My seeds just arrived this week and it's currently summer in New Zealand. I'm afraid to plant them in the next three months because I don't know whether it's the right season to do so, or if this even matters at all. But if I wait until fall, will the seeds "expire" by then? Thanks!


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