Monday, February 13, 2012

Pseudolithos migiurtinus from seed

Bought some Pseudolithos migiurtinus seeds on ebay. 

This is the newest member of my ugly cactus/succulent collection. 

I have them controlled for temp, light and humidity using a light bulb for heat, my LED grow lamp for light and plastic bags for humidity. Heat is easily controlled by checking the temp and moving the light bulb. As for soil I started with a commercial cactus soil. 

Here they are just sprouted about 5 days after planting them: 

On DOL 3 transfered one to a more appropriate soil: 

-one part commercial potting soil (baked in oven to sterilize) 
-one part perlite
-one part washed play sand

Much larger at 2 and a half months old

Starting to get its characteristic texture (and uglyness) at 7 months old

As I had been warned was possible if not likely with this species it suddenly melted away overnight. No idea why. About a year and a half old at the time.

My knowlage of succulents, limited though it is, comes from  The Timber Press Guide to Succulent Plants of the World: A Comprehensive Reference to More than 2000 Species and Toms blog Theatrumbotanicum


  1. In response to your comment on my blog (I responded there just now but then realized there was a good chance you'd never see it if you're anything like me, so here it is again!)

    Dragon fruit is actually a pretty fun plant if you have space, but like I said, they can be a terrible idea if you don’t. I had one for a while until my mom left it outside all winter while I was in PA. They’re just really really fast growing and get huge in a hurry if you let them. You can always break off segments and use them for grafting and what not. If you get it to bloom the blooms are spectacular and totally worth it. If you’ve ever grown/are familiar with Epiphyllum they’re kind of like that in habit.

    As for the Pseudolithos, I’ve never grown them personally, nor have I had luck with mesembs in general, but I do know they need exceedingly well drained soil. I think it’d be worth the risk to move them because they’ll probably rot before they can get any decent size. You could always move one and see how that works out? One of the blogs I read, Stupid Garden Plants has recently started growing them, he might have some first hand advice for you if you so desire.

  2. I moved one. Left the other in the original pot. Plus I started a few more seeds in the same better draining soil. Much of what I read online recs high moisture initially though no hard cut off of when they switch from needing tons of moisture to none at all..... I wish I had bought more seeds as i forsee killing lots of them

  3. How are these growing? I plan to grow some. Do you cover the seeds? :)

    1. I lost most of them really early on. The one that made it so far is doing well. almost a year old and almost 1cm wide. I will do a photo and measure it again at the one year mark.

      I woud definitely try growing them from seed if you are interested. The live plants are quite pricey. I did cover the seeds with a very thin layer of the same succulent mix. I typicallly follow the rule of thumb that the seeds should be buried in soil as deep as they are big.

    2. Thanks MiB, can I ask how successful you were with this germination method, & why do you think some of them died? Yes, plants & seeds are expensive.

    3. Germination went very well. I wish I had taken better notes (like what temp) but germination was around 100%. As for why the seedlings died I don't have much of a guess. At least one got pretty dry when I found it dead but others seemed to just shrivel and die. I don't think it was infectious as the one that is doing great was in the same pot then.


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