Friday, October 26, 2012

Octopus Squid and Cuttlefish: Cephalopod Videos On the Web. Free and otherwise.

Post in progress. Please suggest more videos!
NOVA: Cuttlefish - Kings of Camouflage not on netflix instant but available as dvd
The clear winner. Interesting with more then amazing footage. Discussion of the amazing flambouyant cuttlefish, squid mating, mechanism of color change.

Free to amazon prime members:
Scary Squid, Octopuses, And Other Cephalopods
a very quick survey of all the cephalopods.

Netflix Instant:
colossal squid/squid invasion- Leads with the almost unwatchable Colossal Squid with dull CGI and a frozen squid the second episode, squid invasion, all about Humboldt squid is just spectacular

TED (free):
David Gallo: underwater astonishments 
quick video with camouflage tricks, half and half squid coloration, fighting squid
half and half squid split coloration

Hooked By Octopus
mostly a video about conservation but still with some good footage

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